Monday, November 22, 2010

A Stage in Working As Mentally Ill

My illness began in 1983, I was diagnosed with a mental illness in 1985 and in 1986 I began living on Social Security. The drugs I had been using and alcohol, had taken their toll upon my mind, though I was not virtually a useless individual. I would relapse occasionally, even though I was taking Psychotherapeutic medicines, I considered myself as a stagnated person. In the year 1998, I began taking computer classes after finally coming to grips with life and several mishaps with the court systems through MHCD’s 2Succeed program. I had overcome using drugs and alcohol, due to my being receptive to ideas about my potential of being able to use both hardware and software programs and the possibilities to enhancing my life. I began to explore the world of Computers and networking, I wanted more.

I finally quit drinking when I was diagnosed as a potential to diabetes and as I worried awhile as I sat at home with my own computer, and internet resources, searching for work, MHCD came to my rescue again, through Vocational Rehabilitation in Denver and MHCD’s 2Succeed. I began working part time as a Data Entry Clerk at MHCD’s Headquarters; a desk job, a smile.

I have worked for 3 years now, being promoted to Evaluation Research Assistant, yet when Social Security, took away the SSI I was receiving income wise and the State of Colorado ended the Medicaid Insurance, I began to fear the kind of life I had once lived before all that, would begin again. The director of our Evaluation and Research unit assured me nothing can go wrong. That the process I was going through was a part of becoming self sufficient, having to rely on new skills and a new heart. I saw myself letting myself go without relying upon what I have learned and maintaining my faith in those that believe in me. Anybody that’s mentally ill and new to the working world assuredly has the same emotions as those who are not mentally ill and working, losing their position on the job, reduced hours, layoffs and cuts in pay. It’s just harder because we have lived through the let downs, and through the congratulations of bearing this world with some strength and heart.

Don’t let the rumors and “I told you so’s” keep you from your potential as big as the world is, know you’re as prepared as you care to be for success, no matter the field you choose to work in. It’s your choice where you want to go, or where you want to be, it’s how you’re going to get there that makes it all a piece of cake.

Written by Donald Sammons

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