Monday, December 27, 2010

Shadows in the Stairwell

Have you taken a walk up or down a stair case recently, without losing your breath, or leg muscles cramping; even then each step a thought and unfinished at a certain stair well landings to another floor. Mental Health is like this, one step at a time, one thought before another to be examined and then vanquished, while reaching the landing becomes the exhilaration of success.

I have many times found myself creeping up and down stairs, and within their turns, and have seen the shadows of my life, even thoughts within the dark recesses of unlit corners, within the turns of the stair wells; the shadows of my life. Ancient thoughts resting upon a single stair, which are unmoving; await footsteps to turn and descend and review the past once again, the laughter or pain, with or without scrutiny. When you reach this epitome of being, you are seemingly lost, no concrete thought established as to the next stair to be assailed.

In Mental Health we are taken into the hallways we have been waiting in to understand what changes we can make to find revelry instead of the gloom we have been living with. With different psychiatric techniques we can begin to perceive with our minds, the anguish and fears of which we begin to leave behind, daring to take a leap upon the flight of stairs and beyond the shadowy memories which caused our maladies to begin with. We move slowly at first upon the stairs, yet those single footsteps become leaps and bounds, coming and going because we believe we can be free, without standing at the base forever waiting if we can ascend our reach. Have you ever thought to stop riding the elevator and instead take one stair at a time in facing your mental illness?

Written By Donald Sammons

December 26, 2010

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