Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I was watching “Three’s Company” a 70’s show last night they had a guy that showed up with a laughing box. It reminded me that I had not seen one of those since my uncle had one in the early 70’s. It is in a bag and laughs and you laugh at it or the person who bought. Either way it does bring laughter. I do not know if they still sell them or have better models now. I still have not found a newer show to watch besides “America’s funniest videos” that make me laugh. I also read an article online about recovery titled Laugh. In the article they say that “One minute of laughter is equivalent to five minutes on a rowing machine or eight minutes on an exercise bike.” Laughing is good for you. The article goes on to talk about how laugh groups are forming across North America. It is good medicine and the article also states that laughter is good medicine is found in Proverbs of the Bible. I try to laugh as much as I can. I can remember when I was on a ward in the State hospital. They asked what I did at home so they could make my stay better. I told them me and my brothers and sisters use to tell jokes and laugh a lot. The staff there started joking with me every day and it did relieve stress. I am always on the lookout for newer shows that can make me laugh, like my old 70’s shows. Also in the article, they say that world laughing month is in April, I will have to remember that. I would believe that proves that laughter can provide benefits, whether you are in recovery or not.

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