Monday, January 3, 2011

Accepting Recovery

The first principality of being is acceptance. It is happiness and personal growth; we say, do we accept it, and in doing so we go forward and not; we turn our backs to find what we seek. When we refuse to accept it, there is usually frustration or anxiety, and we struggle within and this is where the pain becomes a part of our reality; non-acceptance.
Acceptance is seeing the way things are and realizing how you feel, if we do not accept something which is to our liking, we try to control the situation, we become demanding. Have you tried to stop the world from being? One thought cannot change its existence! Maybe you just want to control life around you; can you control yourself?
Singularly we are the one part of the universe we have authority over, ourselves, and if we can’t control our thoughts and feelings how can we control others; through our willingness to accept what we cannot change.
To change something is to accept it; much as an artist with a blank canvas. He begins to change the canvas with paint, and slowly it becomes a scene or a portrait or something of feeling or conveyed thoughts. Something unacceptable to the artist; a canvas, becomes something acceptable, not only to the artist, but to others who behold the changed medium.
We begin by accepting ourselves and to remember we are a part of the world; accepted. We think and we feel, and this we accept. We have to practice acceptance, much as we accept ourselves, to learn of what we want to accept, realizing that being ourselves we are bound to make mistakes yet with change there is acceptance.
I left my aspirations for what others dream,
Why am I alone?
To perceive another’s fancy
Or to say I am sorry.

Written by Donald Sammons

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