Monday, January 31, 2011

What is Faith

Faith alone can be nothing. Everyone would like faith to be in motion, a verb instead of a noun, being of loyalty of great unquestioned belief.
Many people today believe that faith is trust and that all attitudes of life will work out for the better for everyone by itself. What we don’t know is that in faith is realization that everything is working and though at times we may not like it one way, with faith, our strength and desire builds our trust which moves faith even more.
Faith is putting us to the test and our beliefs placing it in motion. Having faith is enacting; watching a tree move a sidewalk apart, or greater even still moving a mountain. Faith is an attitude, which requires an action and with it all things follow in order and turn out just right as if a mustard seed was planted and grew. Work with faith and you will realize your recovery.

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