Thursday, February 3, 2011

More News about Jared Loughner

Well last week I wrote about Jared Loughner. I shared how I was not violent unless i used alcohol. Well in a blog I was reading the author says: “The risk of violence in someone with schizophrenia escalates 28 percent with co-occurring substance abuse problem, according to studies.” I believe this is true. The same blog says: she does not want Jared Loughner to be labeled schizophrenic like her. I feel the same way, when I first heard the story of what he did I thought here we go more stigma, because of what he did. Most schizophrenics are not violent. The news says he spent time in his basement surfing the internet and smoking marijuana. Some say he is more of a psychopath rather than schizophrenic. In another article the author a lawyer whom has schizophrenia, believes it may help get changes for the better. She understands the stigma. “As tragic as the (TUCSON) story is, maybe it will call attention to mental health, a few decades ago; people with alcoholism or senility were locked up in mental hospitals. Surely things have improved?” Although I cannot understand with all the publicity the case has received that no one has diagnosed Jared Loughner. He did not even plead insanity in his first time going to court. You would think his lawyers would. Whatever happens I do hope that it will bring good changes.

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