Monday, February 7, 2011

Thoughts Involving Recovery

Overcoming negative thoughts requires changes, not only mental or emotional, but physical ones also. Your life has to change to get rid of negative thinking, maybe where you live, friends, even bad habits. We must change what’s inside ourselves in order to become more of a positive person.If you’re feeling “blue” most of the time or you’re facing “bad scenes”, change may not come too quickly. Strength is what is necessary to understand your life and know what is wrong to create a change if you want your life to become better; it’s your thinking and what you’re feeling inside which make you a new person.Look honestly at your life and the things, the places and people that tend to bring you down and put them away from you. Challenge yourself because you choose to; and know that living a positive life is not living the demands of others not the will of others.If you don’t like something you don’t take it in hand; you don’t do anything; yet do try something else instead. It’s not the cowards’ way out, it’s just being smart; or idealistic, and it’s your faith in you turning away from the negative, reaching for perfection; striving for Recovery.


  1. I was inspired by the words "Challenge yourself because you choose to" which reminded me of the phrase "challenge by choice" I have encountered in an outdoor adventure course setting but it is really no different in our daily lives..Sometimes daily life can prove enough of a challenge but I know I have had to take risks and be proactive to move on in my recovery and going out to India to teach and help at an orphanage was a personal challenge I successfully took on which helped me feel valued again. Choice is key at all stages of the recovery process...Lorraine, Perth, Scotland

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