Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Health and Discpline

I believe health and discipline go hand in hand. Like to exercise you have to have the discipline to exercise as many times a week as the goal you start with. I was exercising four times a week. Lately it has only been twice a week, and that means that I have to have the discipline to get back on schedule. I know you say I will exercise tonight and then something comes up and you say I will make up for it tomorrow then something else comes up and a week is gone. I just have to do it as soon as I get to my apartment. Once I put on my music and start exercising it is fast and easy. It is the starting that is hard for me. As far as my eating that has been going good. At my last doctor visit I had lost two more pounds. I hope I am eating healthy, although what has caused the weight loss has been my cutting down on portions. I feel the same if I eat one sandwich or two. That part is easy too. I was reading on the healthy skeptic this week about taking supplements. He says that if you can get the vitamins from food all the better. I like liver once in a while but not all the time, or even once a week. I believe that if you read the websites and do things in moderation it will all work out in the end for the best. It is easier to exercise in the summer. I do have to get back on schedule.

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