Monday, February 14, 2011

Bonding with Reverence

Humankind has a common bond between one another, no matter the joy or ignorance we live. It is friendship. This bond is a bonding through respect and admiration and love for one another. I am aware that there are those that do not share these bonds with others, yet a large percentage of the peoples of this earth do have these two bonding traits, friendship and respect. Having friendship is having an ally, someone you know well, someone or many you share fellowship with. Respect holds friendships trust, being of honor, esteem and admiration.

I noticed even the lowliest of peoples share these qualities, even criminals and especially the disabled. Those of wealth and those without have regard and acceptance of others of their own station of others greater or lesser than. Friendship can happen in the twinkling of an eye or days there after a sharing comes into being. It’s the sharing of that which we value, through respect which causes us to grow with others we respond with.

It may take weeks even months before we care to share with someone we care to bond with , yet it’s a feeling of almost everlasting joy, it’s a smile we have revived with our reverence and our respect of which we share unceasingly. This what people in Recovery search for, a change in fellowship, where we won’t be left feeling denial because of our ideas, because of our changing attitudes because we wish to care and be cared about.

Written by Donald Sammons

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