Monday, January 24, 2011

Becoming A New Being

Have you ever watched a building being constructed? A plot of land is excavated within the earth, a frame is built within as a premise to the building itself, in short a foundation is set. The structure begins to take shape, concrete is poured, bricks are laid, and beams of wood and steel arise. Our lives are like this! We take a step, we look, we think and proceed on the premise we get to where we are going, and we will accomplish in short what we set out to do.
When it comes to mental health, being consumers, (clients) we have to make, build a foundation, in order to overcome our disability. We must excavate the thoughts, ideas, attitudes and characteristics which may cause our illness. Fear, envy, strife, jealousy, delusions, illusions, all of these and more must be moved in order to build a new life.
Part of building a new life is adding onto those abilities which not only give you strength to overcome your abilities, yet also bring new ideas of which you can share. I began attending classes recently, and even though I had some fears concerning work and schooling and my ability to maintain both endeavors, I began to relax after the first day, though I still had not so very good an idea about success in either direction. I accepted the fact that I can learn, not only to build my self esteem, yet also to give back to my employer and company, so that they know I want to become a better employee as well and become self sufficient at my job.
To grow is to nurture the self and accept new ideas, letting stagnation become replaced with a working faith which you will want to share. We want to accomplish something in life by building a foundation which relies on our strength and our abilities with the realization that we may be helping someone to become a better person, with our belief. That is showing integrity, with hope as part of your recovery.
Written by Donald Sammons

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