Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Denver Homeless

Wow they want to not be able to see our homeless population in Denver. So they are proposing a ban on camping in the city. “The ordinance that would ban unauthorized camping is a bad idea.” There are a lot of mentally ill homeless that would be put in jail. I was in jail when I was mentally ill. It was the worst experience. For me I could not explain what was happening to me. I was in one fight not understanding what was going on. They did not charge me with it, although it should not have happened. That is what happens when you are mentally ill and in a place that you should not be in. There should be a better way to help rather than put them in jail. “Unlike Hungary, a bankrupt nation that still decided to pass a law to fine and imprison their homeless, Denver has options for spending taxpayer dollars in a more supportive way for its most vulnerable people.” Will some of the mentally ill understand what they are going to be doing to them? There is a scramble to find places for the homeless. The city council was in session last night which was Monday night to have a public hearing on the matter. If this passes it will go it to effect on May 29th of this year. Monday in the Denver Post they were having homeless shelter that regularly closes for the summer to stay open. Some homeless just do not like the way of everyday life like the rest of us. It is not a bad thing you just have to understand them and that is hard if you are not mentally ill. “Usually in the springtime, Denver loses about 360 beds used to shelter people in winter- leaving the city’s homeless with only 867 shelter beds for homeless men, women, youths and families through the warmer months.” The people who oppose the ban are saying there is not enough room to house all the homeless. If they do not go in shelter what are they going to do but arrest them as they will be violating the law. Well in today’s Denver post article they passed the camping ban on the first reading. The will have a final vote on May 14th. “The council voted 9-4 in support of the measure that would make unauthorized camping illegal in the city aimed at reducing the numbers of homeless people sleeping on the streets.” It looks like as of now they are going to pass this measure. There were hundreds of people who went to discuss this matter. Proponents of the issue say this is needed. “…wants the law for personal safety for the guests and staff. They are intimidated she said. They are afraid to go out there after dark. One guest was stabbed. We have witnessed break-ins. People are constantly asking what we are doing to end this? That is why I am here.” No one should be afraid to go out to dinner or work. You can understand some of the frustration. Although there should be another way, then criminalizing people for being homeless.

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