Monday, May 7, 2012

Where is Home?

One of the reasons it’s hard to face the reality of the homeless is because we see them and acknowledge them as vagrant; we become disturbed not wanting to be in their place; placing distance between ourselves and those whom are homeless or distraught. Having advocates to alleviate the homeless people plight gives any one to wonder if we are giving a “free ride” to such people or are we only keeping up with what is thoughtful and supportive in helping our fellow man. Criminalization of the homeless is a twofold reality, our suspicions exist as well as theirs of crime; yet we have to agree, they are not under control unless they are incarcerated or placed in “check” in control environments or governed shelters, control shouldn’t be the issue, how will the populace know if anyone person is safe, either from the elements of nature or society. At this stage to lay and rest where a person pleases or camp somewhere within the city limits, “being homeless” has the undertones of the rights of those who cannot afford shelter displaced, and we do not want to take away the rights of the indigent away because they are in need. It’s a matter of safety, safety for the taxpayer, safety for the vagrant who has no employment, or home thus is living without responsibility. The passage of the proposal to ban “urban camping” is a blessing in disguise to many in Colorado, who see others needing a place to rest. They, the homeless, realize there is a lack of space for shelter in designated shelter areas and this plight is being alleviated for those who are searching for a new way of life to have somewhere to exist, where they can reach out from nothing and succeed finding work with an address to rely upon without bending over to criminality. As there are more temporary shelters for the homeless, this too gives the homeless the opportunity to gain a step forward without having to feel threatened or threaten others for their needs. It may be a matter of law in enforcing the problem of homelessness in Denver and other cities and states as well as it becomes a greater problem, yet as common people and tax payers we cannot overlook nor be indifferent to those who honestly need shelter, to gain what was lost, a home with dignity. Written by Donald Sammons

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