Monday, May 21, 2012

In most cases the strategy to subdue someone who is mentally ill, suffering from their symptoms, is to role play or lecture the consumer. There are instances where reality becomes twisted. Police officers are trained to make decisions every day which either guide people to understanding through the use of performed attitudes, free of prejudice or stereotypical approaches. Two police officers forgot this line of training and brought about the death of a man who was mentally ill. Why did a man, sitting in a public place, mentally ill and homeless, meet with fate at the hands of trained law officers? There is no real answer, though they dispense the law they have now come before the scales of justice, because they did not perform their duty with beneficence or in a just manner. The problem lies there in also with the incompetence of the mentally ill, not being able to understand those whom are trying to communicate with them or the authorities of the office they are in care thereof. This theme is the same throughout the United States; it’s the complex nature of law enforcements responses to people with mental illnesses which has become the issue of concern, and politicians, people in the community and the general public whom are demanding some constraint to the growing problem of the mentally ill. As to the reasons the mentally ill are being singled out as a growing problem, this seems to be that the mentally ill when detained by the law are generally seen at some point as being incompetent and are not able to understand, being without a mediator of the mental health system they may even proceed to trial as defendants as such while they are at times unable to access the help they need from the mental health system or to be processed through the mental health system. There was no place for this homeless man as there seems to be no place for many whom have met with incarceration for weeks or even months; finding brutality or worse, then finding they are nowhere, alone and vulnerable or suffering from their symptoms without any kind of understanding except to be encroached by the law or even worse then again the criminal elements thereof. This is the danger the mentally ill and homeless face, once you are suspected of a crime, you become the target, unless someone is your guardian angel or there happens to be a Good Samaritan understanding the needs of a person of weakness. Written by Donald S.

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