Monday, May 28, 2012

Experiencing Violence the Mentally Ill

It is said, that the number of people with mental illness experience violence of some kind every year, which is a higher ratio than the rest of the population. Physical, sexual or domestic violence is much higher in those whom are mentally ill, than adults without disabilities; and this is stated by doctors in Liverpool England in an analysis of a study on the victimization of people with mental illness. The violence against those with disabilities is common, for those with learning disabilities or mental disabilities and others. As you would expect compassion towards adults with disabilities, the stigma of the public exist and is that they, (the public), fear violence from those with disabilities, especially those with severe mental illness. As you can see, those with disabilities have as much to fear as those that fear others of a mental illness. The stigmas exist, and trust is hard to find when you have experienced a violent crime whether you are disabled or not. As such there should be programs based in disabled settings, including training for staff members unaccustomed to violence. This is recommended for mental health center staff members as well, to reduce victimization, especially with the mental health client which may be verbal as well as physical victimization. Medical News: Mentally Ill Often Targets of Violence - in Psychiatry, General Psychiatry from MedPage Today Having had exposure to violence throughout their lifetime some mental health clients with a disability who are threatened with violence live in fear of becoming a victim, and here you would foresee that there is a percentage of violently linked crimes either linking those with a mental illness or being subjected to crimes they would not have committed. Written by Donald Sammons

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