Monday, October 8, 2012

Empathy is Recovery

Do you feel you’re in tune with your doctor? What is patient engagement? Patient engagement is having an empathetic and trusting relationship with your provider, which is formed with mutual respect and understanding as it is a give and take response with the doctor and consumer or patient whom have active roles with one another. So what is empathy? Empathy is the ability to understand another person’s thoughts, feelings and experiences in a relationship.
Empathy allows the clinicians, doctors or others to connect with consumers.
Communication and listening is a very important part in the understanding of the consumer, patients needs and should be kept simple so that there is an understanding between doctor, clinician and patient. With the use of empathy a patient can understand and respect and learn by being listened to and can become more involved in their treatment and psychiatric needs. As a consumer I have somewhat a hard time expressing myself verbally and I feel weak when having to express my feelings or emotions, yet as I grow to understand the definitions and verbal usage of the doctors I associate myself with I know what I am seeing as this weakness. I grow stronger with a lot more courage. As consumers we can grow out of the mental and physical deterrents’ of our illness by understanding what empathy is and how we may use it, to make choices which empower us to grow.
Empathy allows the therapist to understand what the patients or consumers are experiencing. By knowing their emotions and listening, they can help and understand the patients and empower them to become active in their treatment and recovery.
Engage With Empathy : Health in 30
Written by Donald S.

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  1. Empathy leads to a real connection with our patients and their families, it provides a trust that the we understand what they are going through, empathy versus sympathy, no one wants to "felt sorry for" when they are reaching out for help, not from the ones who are there to help them heal.