Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Schizophrenia and Risk of Heart Attack

This article talks about heart attack and schizophrenia. “Data tell us that people with schizophrenia have lifespan 20 years shorter that the general population.” We have to find out why and change that fact if we can. I know I would love to be around as long as I can to see my grandkids grow up and marry. Just see them find the life that they love. “There are different factors for this including and unhealthy lifestyle (substance abuse, smoking, not enough exercise, poor diet, etc.) increased rates of diabetes and problems brought on by the use of some antipsychotic medications.” These are things we can change to live a longer and better life.
I make sure on weekends that I walk for at least forty five minutes on both days. We cannot change the fact that we take medication. I have cut back on the amount of medications I take with my doctor. I found by exercising and I do not need all that medication. It is small steps that help. They have been tracking this for four years: “…tracking all incidents of heart attack and comparing the results among people with and without schizophrenia.” We must make our hearts better.
What else can be done? “Dr. Kurdyak offers two possible solutions: prevention is one (healthier lifestyle). The other is aftercare (all specialists need to work together to ensure that patients are seen again after a first incident of heart attack). They found that people with schizophrenia were significantly less likely (50 per cent) to receive cardiac procedures or to see a cardiologist within 30 days of discharge from hospital.” Why are they not seen the article does not answer this question. It is always good to see a doctor for follow up.

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