Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Year

A new year and a lot of change I thought I could handle a lot of new change by now. Although it still upsets me when my bus is late, even though I will not be late and the bus driver will miss his break. It bothers me because I have a routine that I am used to. Although so far this New Year seems like it will be good. I’m planning to do a lot of new things this year. Hopefully this year we can lessen the stigma of mental illness. Last year they put the blame of mental illness on most of the shooting and bad things that happened.
It looked like every time a person turned around there was someone with a mental illness doing a horrible crime. To me it is senseless to want to hurt someone whether or not you are mentally ill or on substances. When you are sane or not under the influence of substance you have to have some remorse, I know I did when I was drunk and always getting locked up. It was not just getting locked up and sometimes destroying my own property. Although to hurt someone and know you would not do it sane or sober brings a lot of guilt.
To be locked up for life you have to wonder is getting high on substances worth it. It only takes one mistake. Hopefully there will not be that many mistakes made this year. Hopefully we can have a discussion of the good people are making in recovery from mental illness. People will not have to hide their mental illness; because of every mistake they make is part of their mental illness. People say see they can be trusted. They can be productive members of society. It is a brain disease no fault of theirs. Hopefully in this New Year there will be change and I hopefully can handle change better. Because it all does work out for the better and with time things usually get better.

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