Monday, January 21, 2013

Are your worries becoming an Anxiety

Have you ever noticed when you are worrying about something, that you have a spell of anger when you notice others seemingly being cool as early spring, and verily “laid back” without a care. This troubles me as I tend to worry about some of my problems in odd places and being in a crowd of people who are smiling or just being casual, I tend to get upset about what I am seeing and what I am experiencing in my life.  There are people who worry all the time, about money their families, jobs, their health or just about anything they can dwell upon.  The anxiety becomes so intense that it becomes a person’s way of life, even their own death to live in this manner, living with worry or Generalized Anxiety Disorder or (GAD).
People with (GAD) worry about worrying and this is what makes these people different from the ones who are “normal” or who are able to cope with what worries them.  Having thoughts is fine if you are thinking on a concrete basis, yet people suffering from (GAD) wonder why all the thoughts are there and why can’t they stop them. Sounds a bit schizophrenic to me, as I have similar episodes when I worry, I can’t keep a single train of thought without worrying what is wrong with me that I can’t find answers or control the many thoughts I am having.  Yet chronic anxiety has physical symptoms most people do not think of those are, muscle pain, headaches or neck pains, shortness of breath and abnormal tiredness.  If you were ordinarily worrying about something in general such as an ice cube melting you wouldn’t have symptoms such as these, yet there are other symptoms, such as, dizziness, sweating, restlessness, having difficulty in concentrating and irritability.  I relax after understanding knowing I don’t fall into this category of symptoms and that ordinarily, a little frustration doesn’t mean the world is going to end if I use some problem solving techniques and learn to relax to change the thoughts which cause me to worry before I reach the state of anxiety.  Exercise also helps reduce the stress of worry, and also distracts you from falling into that snare of anxiety.  (GAD) is found to lead people into depression and this comes from those who think they can live their life with such and without treatment.
The sooner you get treatment before your little worry becomes anxiety, the better off you would be and any cares you can leave behind will take you into the realm of being normal and free.    

Written By Donald Sammons

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