Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Counter Punch the Movie and Recovery

I rented this move called counter punch about boxing and mental illness.  I did not know that it dealt with mental illness when I rented it.  Whenever a movie has a Hispanic actor such as this one did with Danny Trejo I rent or buy it.  They usually act in good movies. This one dealt with a Cuban young man and his young life going to a mental hospital.  It dealt with family his grandma and his uncle.  They would do anything in their power to help this young man succeed in life.  It dealt with boxing and life on the streets and how his mental illness affected him.
It brought up memories for me of my own two uncles one which died of alcohol and the other who died of a heroin overdose the one drug he made sure I stayed away from.  I often wonder if people in the back of their minds do not know how they are going to die and try and save someone else.  Heroin can ruin your life and no one grows up wanting to be a heroin addict.  My uncles always did anything I asked for and would help me out of jams I would get myself into.  No matter what it meant if it ruined their lives.
When I was in psychosis in the state hospital I called and was lucky enough to talk to my uncle who died of a heroin overdose two year later.  He told me not to worry; don’t they always get me out of jams?  I knew they could not get me out this time although it gave me hope.  Also the courage to know I had to do it on my own this time.  I had to make it not for anybody but myself.  If they loved me that much then it was time I loved myself.  I was always in trouble before the state hospital.  My mom prayed to God that if you could do it for others you can do it for my son.
My life is different due to the fact that I do not drink or do drugs.  It is like night and day.  That alcohol turned me into a doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. I do not miss the drinking nor do I crave it.  All I have to see is what I was and what I have now.  My grandkids and my daughter I am grateful for and the rest of my family that stood by me even when they told them to let me sink or swim on my own.  The movie dealt with family and that is what hit home for me.  Boxing was all he had to succeed.
Life is full of ups and downs and we all get in situations that we think we cannot make it through.  We can find the strength to carry on and succeed.  Sometimes you have to pull all your experience and all that you have to get over that hump and you will.  The movie shows that recovery is possible.  He had a counselor that he could relate to and I believe that really helps a lot.  I think more movies where they show the true life of a person with a mental illness and have them succeeding will do a lot to get rid of stigma.  Always have hope of  a brighter day because it will come.

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