Monday, August 12, 2013

Being Yourself

= Self-identity:  identity of a thing with itself, awareness of one’s individual identity.
= Self-image: conception of one’s self, identity, abilities.
= Self-knowledge: knowledge of one’s own qualities, character, abilities.
= Self-esteem: belief in one’s self, self respect, undue pride in one’s self, pride.
What is logical in this world is that a person is who they are.  We are unique creatures with our own individuality in our own private space.  We have our own self-identity and a self-image where we see ourselves as being apart from others with abilities to share, give and  build upon ourselves so that our qualities are a part of not only the knowledge of ourselves, but imparted upon others.  All of this sums up to be a part of our own self-esteem, where we maintain self-respect, pride in self and strength.
Our value, what we praise, is what we find worthwhile as a part of our life and what you also believe.  Making decisions is also a part of the level of your own self-esteem.  Your opinion of yourself is a part of the honesty you feel about your strengths and weaknesses and this is about your self-esteem, your mental well being and your resilience.
When you think negative about yourself, you devalue yourself; your identity is not good.  Good things such as knowing your own thoughts and what you perceive give growth beyond the negative.  How you react to people and how they react to you are a part of your identity and self-image as well.  Are you of an accepted culture or religion, or do you have an important role in society?  All of this can change by identifying with someone else’s thinking, justifying what is positive for the mean extreme of maintaining self-knowledge and pride in one’s self.  Being yourself is having the qualities of identifying with yourself, knowing what you are capable of achieving and having the knowledge of your own abilities and being aware of your own character.  This is self-esteem without conceit; this is belief in yourself and respect not only for yourself, but respect for others as well. 

Written by Donald S

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