Monday, August 19, 2013


When someone dies; a person you loved or respected intensely, you may become faced with grief of such a loss many times over—even later on in life, being years afterwards.  These feelings of grief might return on a certain special day, the day this person passed away, a birthday or any particular day you shared with this loved on which may be special.  Such feelings of grief are reflections that this person of whom has passed away from this life has left to you and remain important to you.  As I have experienced the passing of someone important and loving to me, I know that after 10 years since their death, I am still having moments of grief and that have not fully healed nor do I cope fully with such a loss.  I have reminders which exist in everyday life, and as anyone else, these reminders can be of sight, taste, sound and even smells, which can set you into a mode of grief.  This could exist for anyone whom has past, a “ghost” as you might have it, of an adult or even child of who has passed from this life.  Memories can be very intense when it comes to the loss of a loved one.  Celebrations of a myriad of sorts may cause the grieving process to surface, if you have shared memorable times with the person of which you grieve.  During these moments of resurfacing grief you may experience, sadness, loneliness, anger anxiety of fatigue; these memories are very powerful as feelings of your loved ones passing.
Dealing with grief is a complicated chore, a challenge to speak of and in this process you are recovering the pieces and healing the wounds so you can carry on with your life without the feelings of any betrayal, because the feelings and emotions you once shared with the person who has passed away still exist, though they do not.  There are many emotions that overcome the living of those which have passed from this life, even if the survivors knew that death was imminent.  The loss of a loved one can drain your energy and cause confusion and disorganization.  You cannot override the pain, but you can cope with the grief by; knowing that grief and mourning is natural and that respecting such is expressing how you feel and realizing you have an inner loss and an empty feeling about your loved ones passing.  Know your pain and accept the pain you feel, it’s a part of grieving.  Search for support; being alone sometimes is fine, yet understand that isolation is wrong.  Don’t make decisions which may be important while you are grieving, the mind is curtained while you are grieving and if you must make important decisions find the help of someone close to you that can be trusted.  Most of all take care of yourself, your physical health is important even as you may be grieving.

Written by Donald S

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