Monday, January 11, 2010

Personal or Personality

When people are diagnosed with a mental health disorder, many people assume that these people are very ill, incapable of understanding, incapable of thinking coherently, or lacking any creative abilities or lack any ability to care for themselves.
In Recovery, with the aid of case managers, I have learned that I have time to make the changes I need to make for my life to become better. As a mental health consumer, I had to learn to question the thoughts and feelings that exist within myself, and understand the reality of their existence, find answers. A long time ago I did not care to know about myself, within a mirror or within anyone else’s mind, I relied on alcohol and drugs, and these kept the waves from falling upon the shore; reality.
Personal; do I want to share, Personality; do I have the right words? In Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, logic is the tool. Most and I might say many Mental Health Consumers do not have the knowledge of logic or the abilities to reason higher frames of thinking. In our mental health centers in Denver we have the opportunity to understand how DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) works as logic (understanding the principles of Zen Buddhism) to help us change our way of thinking and to make decisions to create a better self from a negative point to a much more positive aspect.
Personal; one’s own understanding and the capability to create, Personality; feeling good about making a change, is gaining self respect for one’s own recovery and rebuilding the self.
By: Donald G Sammons 01/09/2010

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