Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Silent Knowledge

That is what Miguel Ruiz calls it in his book Beyond Fear. I never had a name for it. Although this silent knowledge has guided me and given me answers for most of my life. I’ve wanted to write about it for over three weeks, but did not know how to explain it. I let it sit in the back of my mind until I had the answer. That is what silent knowledge is that part of you that gives you the answer, when you do not know how to go about a certain problem. It is not intuition. I leave it in my mind and then when I’m doing something else the answer comes to me. I’ve been guided and have sought answers this way for quite awhile. The answer does not always come fast. Until I started writing this I always wanted the answer to come faster. I now realize the answer comes at the right time. Silent knowledge has been used since the beginning of time. I often wondered since they did not have modern noise, and could listen in silence if they used silent knowledge and relied on it more often. Miguel says, “This is not the first time silent knowledge has been revealed. What is new is that our contemporary interpretation of the ancient wisdom is influenced by scholarship and scientific knowledge from recent times.” If you listen, and trust that the right answers to your problems and the right guidance will come. Have you heard or used silent knowledge?

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