Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health and Recovery

I am writing again about health. I’ve been slacking off on my exercising and have gained four pounds. That is in about two months since I last was weighed. I just have not felt like exercising since I’ve been fighting with my landlords. After I was weighed again this week, I just had to start exercising again. I did tonight and the manager saw me and did not say anything. I am going to continue even if they do say something. I just have to get the discipline back. It did feel good to ride the bike again tonight. I have to lose what I gained and hopefully more. I also started buying more vegetables to go with every meal I cook. I am also taking fish oil capsules, but not everyday just in moderation. I had read that it stops other vitamins, so take it every once in awhile for the best benefit. I am also just buying fruit that is in season like bananas, oranges, and apples. Also I buy blueberries once in awhile, because they are expansive but good. Mostly though have to exercise at least three times a week. It does help.

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  1. Hello there!

    Yes, I can relate. I've just come off a week-long staycation, and by not taking the 20-minute walk to work I normally do, I gained 4 lbs. myself. It was that damn Zyperxa I take that caused a LOT of my weight gain. So all my primary care Doctor told me to do was Eat Less, Exercise More. Considering the fact most (if not all) diets and diet books don't work, it was actually sound counsel. Now following it...

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