Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How do you define Recovery?

Doing research I came across articles talking about when a person is recovered. The articles mention that you are recovered when you have no symptoms, you do not take medication, and you receive no mental health services. Then you are fully recovered. They do say that you may be in recovery if you do only one of the three. I do two I take medication and I see my psychiatrist or get mental health services. I have had no symptoms for years. I do not fit the criteria for being recovered. Yet I feel I am recovered, because I am doing better than I was before. I believe if you had mental distress and do none of the three above. Will you ever mention that you had mental distress? Could that be one reason there is so much stigma, because no one say’s I once had mental distress and now I am recovered? Would anyone believe them if they are doing good?

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