Monday, March 1, 2010


The world is filled with many wonders. Human kind is a wonder of the world. Yet we are a strange kind of wonder, which loves, hates, seeks joy and wanders throughout the galaxy after untold eons. Yet we have a weakness then again, of the heart and of the mind, the need for peace, or as many would say tranquility through solitude. There are extremes to this avenue of truth, and some people become lost to the distances unreached, never returning with sanity. Some people only want to be alone, left to the desire of their own choosing, never wanting love, nor achieving any role of greatness, the sadness without; only a question, only a word; why?
There are over achievers, work-a-holics, those who hide in drug use and alcoholism, people who cannot lift themselves over the hegemony of society, the dominance of one over another; being a reality of life for man. There are criminals and there are priest; and there are those that wonder unceasingly will the ribbon in the sky snap. Psychiatrist, psychologist, and many other scientist often join hands to find an answer to alleviate the woes and aches and pains of our perceptions, of our over indulgences, to help secure our needs so that we continue to live to enjoy what we should believe in. Where a doctor may have a word, or a number, or even some form of medication, we must also believe in hope, to make reality much more the pleasance beyond what ails us in our society, within ourselves.
I look in this direction because of what I see, because of the people I live amongst; most of all because of what affects me in my daily life. We as human beings live day to day, and most of us find that we argue within ourselves, not because we are not strong, but because we have not the peace of mind to find the answer which plagues us, handing those arguments to others and embellishing fear to keep from truthfully being real, from solving the real problem.
I take the time to close the door to the woes of many people, who have not taken the time to respect what the world is all about; again I find I have turned in a circle of my own hypocrisy, then again, only a worry of self, because I have not taken the time to understand and use what I have learned to solve that problem. When I begin to realize that I can make a step to better myself, then I know I can share that thought, so that another can better themselves as well; yet I am not a doctor, I am not a business man, I am in recovery and many don’t know that I am, seeking peace through faith as they may be.
Written by
Donald Sammons

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