Monday, March 22, 2010

Help Me, Help Myself

An option is a choice or a right to choose. Choice is a selection, a right to choose, an object chosen. Simply, some of us can pull it together without help yet when we are saddened, if we are not perceiving reality as nature or as society intended, or if we are racing for the ‘stars’ without hope, that’s when we need a helping hand.
I have in the past changed my ideals, options to speak, so many times. I wanted to go to school, join the Army, live in the mountains, or live by the sea. I had many other choices of what to do with my life; yet with each thought, each movement of enacting, with each choice, I failed, and to the corner drug store, the liquor store, the drug house I would walk, with my dreams at my heels and no other options except a rainbow which was seemingly more concrete of a nightmare.
I couldn’t relax to think, and I didn’t know where to start, I was virtually living within circle after circle within my mind. Every circle, as a house has an open door.
I know where I am 35 years later, after many years of treatment and debates within my own mind, and though I sometimes struggle inside with thoughts I have to understand as being mine or some choice of an ideal I did not find entertaining, through some other medium or agency, I kept in mind the choices I felt were realistic, with methods of thought and discerning, to add and subtract those ideals, which may cause relapse, pain or seclusion or flight into some fantasy with props that are unreal, within a time which may never end. Are you facing the truth within yourself?
At MHCD, we have a unit called Evaluation and Research. In this unit, statistics, survey evaluation and research of the consumer’s reactions to society and their roles are ascertained. The surveys are often designed by the statisticians and also the outcomes of the surveys are reviewed by not only the unit members yet also other psychiatrist, therapist and case managers who may want to understand more of the consumers’ ideals in order to help them achieve the boundaries they wish to arise to, considering the cognizance of their being. Do you want to rebuild your foundation?
As you can see, there are many people of all kinds of schooling and offices which exist to give assistance to the down trodden and mentally disabled. We do not live in the past of something we do not understand, yet we grow, within what we envision as a new world, with new ideals, and better choices. This is not an overnight miracle, yet a time when we help those, who cannot help themselves whom have asked, ‘Help me, Help myself’.
Show that you care and the world gives in return to you, though not right away, yet through the hands and minds of those who see you are making those steps toward being a part of reality.

Donald S.

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