Monday, July 19, 2010


We all make decisions, everyday of our lives, almost seemingly every minute. We live and die making decisions. Our decisions are our commitments, what we wish to uphold to being, to maintain our lives. We choose to commit ourselves to life productively so that we may enjoy the fruits of our labor. We promise ourselves and others, with others to live and to enjoy our lives.
When we promise ourselves and others to do something; change our lifestyle, climb a mountain, learn to swim, we know these are attitudes that we want to explore, and with the desire, these ideas become accomplished. Ten years ago I wanted to learn to use a computer, nothing extravagant such as programming, just use the computer, turn it on and understand what I have done. I never thought of being employed as a customer service agent or data entry clerk before or after learning to use a computer. Yet despite, the addictions, the medications, of which I look at as the weakness’ I suffered from which would keep me from achieving my goal, I kept my word, I maintained a commitment, a pledge to learn and as of such, enjoy learning about it ever the more.
Making a pledge to oneself, to grow beyond the boundaries one might suffer from is the same as learning in a classroom, or from a clinician or case manger, even your own psychiatrist. You are making a trusting binding word with yourself to make a change in your life, or maybe, to help someone else with an opportunity. “Willingness is commitment, never giving up, that’s why there is always another day.”
Written by
Donald Sammons
July 18, 2010

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