Monday, July 26, 2010


Knowing the sun rises isn’t your confidence, we just know it does. Knowing you will get out of bed when it does isn’t confidence, you just do, or you don’t and time just passes on by. Confidence is trust. Confidence is belief and caring, and expectation of what is wanted will happen.

Things happen because we want them to happen. Everyone wants the sun to rise, and we all wait for it to set. Some people want bacon and eggs for breakfast. Others care for cereal, yet we all hope and expect this will be, just as we seek salvation from our dilemmas and illness’. We trust in our responsibility and we have hope in something that we can care about – ourselves and others.

Having confidence is having a positive attitude in that all you care about and this is as wonderful as the sun rising itself. With this trust, life is a joy; because you can trust and care about your expectations, you are self-reliant; you are secure in your beliefs.

If you see dirt, where it shouldn’t be; it makes you think something is disgusting, which is chaotic, yet when you have a caring, trusting attitude and you can see the dirt as a catalyst to something greater, by moving it; you have become reliant and your trust has created. This too is a part of recovery.

With confidence you create
With self-reliance you overcome
This is caring

Written by Donald Sammons
July 25th, 2010

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