Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recovery and Life

I hardly think about my mental distress anymore. I am lucky as I have no symptoms that flare up. The only time I really think about my mental distress is when I see my psychiatrist or I write for this blog. That is one good thing about employment you do not sit at home and just concentrate on your mental distress. Instead there is work to concentrate on. At home it is talking to my family or friends. Also I watch something good on TV or listen to music. I have also been exercising every night after work and on weekends. After you get in a routine it is easy to do, I just make it mandatory that I do it. I put on my MP3 player and exercise. There is a pond at my building now and I also just take a walk around it to get my mail. I could take a shorter route, although it is a nice walk. I have problems that come up a big one right now. I will just deal with it and any others that come up. There is so much life to live that I do not want to worry about symptoms or relapse. I’m happy with the way my life has turned out. It did take awhile to get to this point. Although it was worth the wait and effort to reach this point, along with the good people I have met along the way. We can do nothing about the not so good, but wish them the best. How is recovery going for you?

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