Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I’m writing again about happiness, because I do not think we get enough nowdays. As I have said in earlier blogs that I watch 70s shows to make me laugh on weekends and even on some weeknights. I also watch newer shows like TMZ and the new one with Betty White “Hot in Cleveland” They make me laugh also. I had to find new shows because I had already watched all the episodes of “All in the family” and “Good times” and all of “Sanford and son.” I try and watch newer comedies, but they do not make me laugh as much as the old shows. I do not laugh when John Ritter or Tim Conway trip and fall or something. Just when the situation or they say something funny, there is just something about those old shows that are funny to me. I also get happiness from my grandkids. I had my eighteen month over this last Sunday, and all he did was play. We watched all his programs on T.V. or I did. I took him to feed the ducks and geese. He did not stop from when he came to my house at 8 am till he fell asleep at 1 pm. I enjoyed being with him even if he cannot talk and I have to watch his programs. Along with exercise and multi vitamins and fish oil capsules, I am in good health. I know laughter also helps. I am hoping I do not have to see my doctor for another year. I also hope I can continue to find shows that make me laugh. What do you do to stay in good health? What makes you happy?

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