Monday, August 2, 2010

What is a belief

What is Belief?
Belief is a state of mind in which a person holds the meaning or truth of any attitude or desire to be of truth or meaningful; this includes hope.

How do we Believe?
If we believe in something that is the way we think of such an instance, our minds are filled with the thought of something being true or becoming true, near to us. This is thought of which we can become dependent on. We have a right to believe in the truth, since truth is a part of all we seek, some one knows this!
In psychology belief is the “simplest form of mental representation and one of the building blocks of conscious thought”. There exist the believer and the “object” of belief. We have the common sense of belief as we believe in the meaning of an idea or in the truth of an idea. Some people think that belief is something mystical and certainly being of the mind, how mysterious is such thought, it is not all so 1 + 1, in a world where you are amongst many people, it is the idea we seek which is the mirror of knowledge and the subject we search with meaning.

Do not be disillusioned by what truths you seek, disillusionment is “empty”, and false, which is a disturbance of the truth. Be vigilante; be ever more “confident”.

Written by Donald S.

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