Monday, August 23, 2010

With Hope we can Change

I have been a part of the mental health system since 1985. For 25 years I have been both client (consumer) and for 3 years an employee as well. My position in MHCD is as an Evaluation and Research Assistant (Data Entry) and every day I have learned something, not only about others who are consumers, yet also of myself as well. My respect for what my life has become has grown a bit more, with the helping hands and minds of MHCD I arose from the streets as a homeless person, alcoholic and addict; now handling statistics on an entry level not only of consumers, but of clinicians, case managers and nurses as well. I feel at times I am living for the future though in the past I never thought of what entails of Outcomes, mine or any one else’s.
Through Outcomes,we search for ways to curb /stop the addictions of the drug addict/alcoholic. We peer into the lives of those who suffer from maladies unknown and give solace not only to the homeless, yet also hope to those who find it hard to cope in the real and learned world.
I have my days when my old behaviors begin to creep up on me. Wanting to fly away from the seemingly impossible I do not understand, yet I come back to earth believing in what I understand that is more the righteous, I am only hue-man, with frailties’ and dreams.
“If you can’t perceive you can do it
Do it so you can perceive you can”. --Anon

Written by Donald Sammons
August 22, 2010

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