Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Positive Thinking

I wrote about Self-Efficacy last week. I just want to add more about what I read this week about positive thinking. The Ann Sippi clinics in California are a residential place for people with mental distress, most with schizophrenia. They teach their residents self-efficacy, self esteem and social skills. Which are all good skills which to learn how to adjust reentering society. I also read where it is not always good to just think positive about every situation. I believe they are right every person is different and looks at situations different. You have to look at obstacles and problems in your life. They do not just stop happening because you think positive. They will bring you down sometimes no matter how positive you are. I think that is why I liked Norman Vincent Peale’s books so much. Even though he wrote the books there were stories when he had to be reminded that he was a positive thinker. I just think you should not hit rock bottom, because there is an obstacle. I think what helps me is looking at both sides of a problem. Then I look at what I have been through and say this problem to will pass. Nothing can last forever. Sooner or later it has to get better. Again I think you just have to balance both the negative and positive. Just like dieting, exercise and mediation it is all done best in medication.

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