Monday, August 30, 2010

Discipline: Overcoming Self Defeat

Many years ago, as I can see, I had broken the mold my parents set for me to be able to live with the abilities I had learned. Going to school, maintaining good grades, caring about family members, siblings and others as well is important in any family from third world countries to the urban ghetto. Thinking before acting, being righteous and of a moral character was and is necessary and I lost it all due to drugs and alcohol and had no one to blame, except myself. In essence I had no discipline in my life any more, no priorities or established rules for living then or in the immediate future.
When I hit the gutter, and did not understand what goodness was anymore, I was given the chance to understand instructions which began to give my life order again. This was “discipline”, which at first explained to me sounded, well like; YUK, stupid moralized rules; yet my heart kept me in the realm of thought that I needed order in my life, so I accepted!
The life in me became filled with a willingness to understand, I knew nothing to begin with. I lacked respect for myself and others and slowly I began to know self and reliance and trusting not only in myself, yet having confidence in others as well. I have learned to remold the broken character I had become and learn a bit more self control. I no longer use street drugs or alcohol, my behavior changed because of material reality, the have not’s, having no where nor anyone to trust. I have changed my behavior, and have accepted what others would accept of my order. Discipline is in one way a punishment, the drugs were killing me, the street life taking me apart, yet I chose a newer discipline, one of knowledge, one which gives me a new pattern in which to live without pain in this realm.
Be motivated, discipline is not a wrong, yet a way to control your life.
Written by: Donald Sammons

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