Monday, August 16, 2010

Living because you Dream (Goals)

I thought my life was fairly uncomplicated. I eat, sleep, work, shop for groceries, read occasionally, enjoy my computer, watch a little television, listen to music, and walk around through the neighborhood for exercise. Basically my life is not as complicated as it was when I was addicted to drugs. Wrong! Though I have had help in changing my life style, and though the thoughts of fear, and the craving for bravado in a bottle or a baggy have vanquished into thin air, I have gained time to wonder what to do with my life and what will my future become. In other words, I have to set meaningful goals to continue to live, where as in the past I didn’t care.
Goals are defined, the points along the road to success; whether it is something great or something every day and small. A goal can be something that is fulfilled, something which can be achieved because you want. It becomes a part of the logic to gaining something meaningful in your life, of which to continue to live. As there are steps to how many bananas you want in a bag, you must first go to the store or the banana farm before you place them in a bag. Then you might want to climb a tree to get to the bananas, or find the aisle where fruit is kept to begin retrieving your fruit. In all, this is a particular goal to be achieved to satisfy a part of your life.
My goal is to let others know, that counting numbers, or bananas is not the only way to overcome, addictions. In setting goals know they may be short or long in terms of time; they may take one day or many years. We set goals every day, in our case must set goals that are acceptable and are accomplished with others in mind respectfully for a positive result. You are beginning to set goals in order to achieve your new found freedom by setting goals which are the “end of which effort is directed."
The way you formulate your goals is important too and the mean extreme is that you have worked toward that goal and accomplished what you set out to reach for. Don’t set yourself up to fail, it it’s a big goal then create smaller parts of that goal, don’t climb the banana tree, wait for them to fall. Be flexible, and don’t give up, if you have a problem reaching your goal(s) then modify them and if it’s no longer important to you, then don’t be afraid to let it go.
Written by Donald Sammons
August 14 2010

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