Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recovery and Time

How long does Recovery from mental distress take? I like time and projects to go fast. I remember being in the State Hospital and was told that people are there a minimum of five years. I could not believe that, people should be able to get all the information from groups and lectures a lot faster then that. You have five days a week in which to learn. I had school, groups and A.A. also alcohol groups. I figured alcohol groups would take awhile since I was an alcoholic for quite awhile. It was in the State Hospital where I learned about triggers to drinking, and symptoms of mental distress. I did end up getting out of the State Hospital in 3 ½ years. I still thought that was long. Although before I left people came up to me and asked how I was being released so fast. All I told them is I did the work, because I believed that was the only way out to learn everything. As for alcohol, I have been recovering for twenty years now. While at the State Hospital on the same grounds but not connected to the State Hospital they had a place called the Circle program. At the time it was the number one drug and alcohol program in Colorado. I had asked to go there and they let me for 90 days. I was released from there much faster because I excelled in the program. I learned a lot there, of course there were some groups and lectures I did not like. Was I recovered when I was released? I have to say no. I had to yet learn about living a different life. I had to learn about living a different kind of life. I had a good case manager at MHCD, that was strict, but he helped me learn about college and living out here. A lot of people have told me a long the way, that they do not have time to learn something different. Its years later and I am glad that I started from scratch, no matter how long it took. Also glad I had the opportunity to change my life. I am happy and have a good life.

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