Friday, June 3, 2011

Ordinary Week

Just another ordinary week only two good things happened so far. One I finally reached a goal, I was trying to achieve. It was to reach a weight goal under 200 lbs. I went to the doctor yesterday and when they weighed me I was surprised it was less than 200 lbs. That was a very hard goal for me to achieve. I know if I reached that goal the rest should not be that hard. I believe now all I have to do is keep it off and go lower. I do have a long way to go to achieve the weight I was before I started gaining weight. I know I can do it. It might take awhile but I will do it. I also did go out to dinner yesterday to celebrate at one of my favorite restaurants downtown. I do not go downtown as much, since I moved to my new apartment a year ago. The food was great even though I did not finish the whole plate. Second thing that happened today was I went to Social Services, because they told me that was the only way to get off Medicaid. I talked to someone and they told me they would send a letter when my case was closed. I received a call an hour later and she told me my case was already closed. I wish they would have sent a letter so I did not have to take the day off. Although it is good to be finished finally with Social Security, and Medicaid even though it took time. I will cook to celebrate this last victory.

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