Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer and Mental Health

Summer time has appeared and as many perceive, it carries an attitude of being lax and free from the constraints of being shut in from the winter cold and the dusty winds of spring and fall. As Mental Health consumers tend to travel about, trying to keep active or even those who have not had the fortune of adapting to the mental health system whom may be troubled, we must be aware of the hazards both of nature and society during the summer season.
Before I became a part of Recovery, I wandered aimlessly through the city streets, not without a purpose, but with the intent to keep myself satisfied. I was a drug addict then and with a court record. I seldom worked even temporarily, so I had plenty of time on my hands. Being vagrant is not fun, and finding that people tend to look over the more unfortunate characters in life made it somewhat unbearable.
The best thing to do I found later on during my recovery, is to make sure you have shelter; an apartment, living with family or even a bed and rest or city/state sponsored shelter. Keep active for the better part in seeking a means to educate yourself, in finding a more permanent home, or entertaining yourself through social activities such as, swimming, bike riding or even gardening. You’ll find summer is the season to plant and tender the garden of your desires and that the beauty of its sunrise and sunset is the purposeful accomplishment of your wishes.

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