Thursday, June 2, 2011


From the moment we are diagnosed with a Mental Disorder, the next we feel as if we are descending into a realm where there is no return. Some of us are left astray, without kinship, without friends, and others have no one to guide or teach them because we are seen as estranged. It is said, “time heals all wounds”, yet without a guiding hand how can anyone person see the light, being with or without a Mental Disorder.
Having worked for three years, I had a chance to leave the old world of drugs and lies behind. I haven’t relapsed, yet to enter into a new main stream has shaken me a bit. Trustworthiness is an issue as well as intellect, “for whom does the bell toll…” I face this new world as many other with a constant thought, will I be accepted for being me. Many people are making a transition, from the old to the new, and as a Mental Health consumer, the new is as fearful as taking your first step, or climbing a mountain.
The clock continues ticking where in I am still a consumer, learning to brave this challenge of remaining straight and sober, and keeping faith as strength; not recognizing or living old habits which might endanger my present being. With time the wounds will heal, and I can accept others earnestly without feeling I am alone in my growing.
Do you have any similar feelings?
“He who has a why to live can bear almost anyhow”. – Frederick Nietzsche

Written by Donald Sammons

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