Thursday, May 26, 2011

You have to have Hope

I was sitting at home this last weekend watching a commercial about a cancer hospital. They said the hospital gives hope. It said to fight a disease like cancer you have to have hope. I wondered how many different times and diseases are there that you have to have hope? Victor Frankl had to have hope when he was locked up in a concentration camp. Hope is big and you need it in a lot of situations. I always know when things are not going well that I have to have hope that things will turn around. I believe people should not forget there is always hope. It must have been hard for Victor Frankl and all the men and women that were locked up in a concentration camp. It is harder than prison when you know you have not done anything wrong and you are locked up in horrible conditions. Victor Frankl tells the story of one man who had a dream that they were going to be released from the concentration camp. He even dreamed the day March 30th. He believed it, although as the day approached things were starting to get worse. It looked like they were not going to get released. On March 31st the man died of typhus. Victor Frankl believes he died because he lost hope. If he had hope would his body have fought the typhus? That is what Victor Frankl and this cancer hospital believes, if you have hope your body will feel it and fight a disease. Always have hope of a brighter day.

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  1. Thanks Charles, Dave