Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Social Security

I wrote about Social Security in a previous blog in which I had mentioned that when I started working. I had nothing but trouble with them. It worked out fine the first two months. I reported my income and the case manager I had did her job right and there were no problems. Then they informed me that I had a new case manager assigned to my case. It was nothing but trouble since then. I would send in my pay stubs monthly. One time I called her to ask if she had received them because nothing had changed. She mailed them back to me all glued together, I had to throw them away. Of course I had copies and I still have them to this day. The Social Security checks remained the same like I had not mailed in my pay stubs. I would come to find out later that she stuck them in the back of drawer and never looked at them. I had to go to the Social Security office every three months with pay stubs in hand to report even though I mailed them in. She never changed my income. I always hoped to see my case manager. I always saw the girl that sat next to her. They would straighten out my case. Then in three months, I would have to do it all over again. One time I went in for my appointment and they did not see me. After a half hour I said no I am not going to sit here for nothing. I went downstairs and called the national Social Security office on a pay phone. I told them I had been sitting there and my appointment time had passed by. They told me what to do and I went back upstairs and did what she told me. They finally saw me and told me I should have just waited and not left to call. I just left the pay stubs that time, because they said they were in a hurry. When I started working full time and permanently, I finally was able to meet my case manager. She told me I would no longer receive Social Security. They still sent two checks in July and August. I found out I would have to pay those back. I understood. Although they were trying to charge me more than those two months that I understood I would have to pay back. I went to Social Security the next day and filed an appeal against my case manager. Well I found out she no longer worked there and I had a new case manager. I waited for the appeal which never happened. I paid back the two months and I thought that would be the end of it. They told me I had a new account that I had to pay back. My new case manager said they could not find the appeal. By then I had moved to a new apartment across town. I had to go to a new Social Security office. When I asked for the papers to file another appeal, the person working there told me I would have to pay either way. It took more than two months, before they said I did not have to pay anything back. For me Social Security was nothing but trouble once I started working and lost my original case manager. I am finally happy that it is all over and do not want to do it over.

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