Monday, May 16, 2011

Overcoming Restlessness

You might have heard the phrase, “carrying baggage”, many times, in reference to having problems or holding and displaying anger. I know I have a pack mule at times that will not let me forget that I often need an attitude adjustment when I feel I can’t move amongst the crowd.Often we hear about ways we can alleviate some of our burdens, through exercise; working off the stress and anger, displacing the thoughts we are having by writing, painting, walking; yet has anyone ever told you that a good old fashion nap can clear your mind as well?Sleep is important, rest is beneficial. Mental Health disorders can disrupt sleep and a lot of people with especially anxiety disorders have trouble sleeping because of fear or tension. This causes us to carry baggage as well when the mind cannot rest, due to worries and apprehension. People who experience depression almost never seem to stop walking; having insomnia, having difficulty at falling asleep is as much a symptom. What do you do to get rid of this baggage?
(1) Add extra hours to your sleep
(2) Change your routine, nothing strenuous
(3) Go to sleep at the same time every day especially weekends, even earlier than usual
There are such attitudes you should not get in the habit of doing.
(1) Drinking coffee or alcohol or using illicit drugs; and
(2) Do not sleep with your TV, computer or telephone on, these take away from your personal space and the peace you want to have in order to rest your mind

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Written by Donald Sammons

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