Monday, May 9, 2011

Using our Imagination

I sit at home a lot, enjoying what I have accumulated, it isn’t much, yet I have a chance to look at the world, listen to music, most of all read. Arts and crafts can be expensive, so I take my time, and chat with neighbors, take walks and try to enjoy every bit of life I can. A friend of mine offered to take me to a wildlife preserve, and I didn’t turn him down. It’s then I found out I am interested in nature and the outdoors and what makes the life of nature so enchanting to me.
To understand what you are all about by hiking, fishing, reading, crafts even theaters, you must know that something appeals to you. With an illness, of any kind, we lose our flavor for what brings us joy. A Beautiful Mind: Creativity and mental illness - Care2 News Network Whatever makes us happy, should be a safe and enjoyable challenge. We must understand that something we want to express, understand, create and strive to give to another part of the world through the same dedication we seek to recover to share and give in the pleasure that gladdens not only ourselves, yet others as well.
Experience is a positive reality, in which you can find happiness and pursuing happiness is freedom because you are enjoying life. As adults in Recovery we forget about being happy or how to “play” because we have become serious not only in our illness yet also in our move to become recovered. Imagination takes us to new heights’ and with imagination we must use it to nurture ourselves, so that we feel and understand our freedom from what ails us within. It’s a baptism in what we care to experience and believe of which we care to flow with and become a part of what we can create.
Written by Donald Sammons

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