Monday, May 2, 2011

Remnants of the Past…

There’s an old shirt hanging in my closet…I used to party in. There’s an old coin in the dresser drawer, it was once a friend of mine. What do these have to do with sobriety or even Recovery? These objects represent ideas; memories of days gone by and in Recovery, even a person’s sobriety, you must be aware of what lays in the shadows of the mind. Objects represent ideas of themselves, and we give gifts, often with smiles, always with intent; and we carry them where we go for a period of time. The old ideas of my friendships with others continued to exist, not feeling saddened and with strength as I look upon the instances shared with them and the gifts I have received. We jeopardize ourselves at times without the most proper ideas or thoughts; as a result we linger within those dark corners, feeling ill hope, despair even anxiety. These are remnants too of the past, yet through Recovery, our motivation can become enhanced, our hope and strength replacing fear, which raises our optimism and builds a better way; while we accept change and become realistic…We are no longer waiting in the aisle ways isolated in the darkness of our pessimisms, we are building pride, instead of vacant thoughts; becoming molded with dignity to reach out into the world in which to share our hopes and aspirations’ through choice and Recovery. Written by…Donald Sammons

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