Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Well thanksgiving is over and it was a nice one. I was able to see family I only see on holidays. Now it is time to think about Christmas and another new year. It should turn out to be a good year I hope. I will continue exercising and doing things the same way I have started in the last six months. Also to have hope it will turn out even better or the same as this year. I believe hope is needed every new year.
If you are struggling with something this year you can only hope it will be get better this New Year. You might have to take small steps to achieve something that you would like to change and have the hope to. Just set goals that you can achieve. That way you do not give up or lose focus or hope. When you achieve those small goals it feels great and you have even more hope that your long term goal will be easy to achieve.
That is the focus I have on losing weight. I know every time I go to a doctor I get weighed and I just want it to show less weight than I had the last time I weighed. So far it has worked out and I have lost enough to show what I am doing this time is finally working. Now when I look in the mirror I see myself slowly changing. I have come to enjoy my walks and exercising.
When I was younger, I would walk across town and only take the bus on the way back home. That is the shape I set my long term goal to be. I hope to do the same amount of walking as I did then. The weather has been great so far this time of year to walk in. I hope the holidays and the New Year will be great for everyone.

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