Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am looking forward to the day. I will get to spend time with my family that I do not see all that much during the year. Also to eat some good food and I can eat without worry this year. I went to the doctor yesterday and I lost six more pounds in three months’ time that is how long before I see my doctor and weigh myself. I am slowly achieving my goal. It is slow in achieving this goal, although I am sure this way the weight will stay off.
I still exercise and take my long walks on weekends. I still will be careful not to put the weight back on this holiday season. I believe recovery is the same way as achieving anything like stopping drinking. It is better done slow so you will understand what is happening and like the changes in you. I know my stopping drinking did not happen overnight. I believe it was twice they put me on antibuse.
I just waited for when my time was through with probation and antibuse and I could start drinking again. There were no A.A. or alcoholic groups for me. I just saw a counselor which is a long story in itself. I saw him for a half hour a week and we never talked about why I should quit drinking what kind of life I would have dealing with problems sober.
He did not like me so I was free to live my life as long as I took antibuse. When my time was up the first night I drank. Quitting drinking and recovery both are better if taken slowly. That way when you achieve them, they will be very satisfying.

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