Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snow Day

Well it is snowing today and it is the second storm of the season so far. It is wet and bad outside. It is hard to be cooped up on days like this. It is time to go to the mall and take a walk around. That is if you do not have to work. The holidays are approaching very fast. It is now time to get together with family and friends, now that Halloween is over, and it was good seeing my grandchildren in their costumes.
What I have been thinking about lately is stigma. Donald wrote about it in an earlier blog this month. Lately I have not read that much about stigma. I do not know if that is a good thing or bad. Although we all hope that it is getting better. There are movies out now about mental illness like the new one called "Taking Shelter” I have not seen it. Everybody that has seen it is saying it is good.
It is good to hear they are portraying mental illness without someone slashing or killing someone because they have a mental illness. I know there are a lot of people with mental illness that have recovered and are working or going to school or just being productive with their lives. You just do not hear about them as much as the person with a mental illness who has hurt someone.
Although I remember a professor who when they found out I had a mental illness, told me her cousin who was a lawyer also had a mental illness. That was quite a few years back. I believe there are a lot more by now that have succeeded. After I tried to rent an apartment and told the apartment manager that I had a mental illness. She stopped talking to me. It was hard for me in college to mention I had a mental illness. Also it was a fact that I was and older student.
Different professors were mixed when they found out I had a mental illness. Some like my economics professor really went out of his way to see that I succeeded in his class.As I close for today I will leave you with an article on professors on TV who you would like to be professors in real life.

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