Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This was something I was thinking about yesterday. Long before I read this article, I was thinking about how I am out of school and doing pretty good in my recovery. I am still setting goals to achieve. The goals give me a reason to exercise and achieve what I would like to have happen in the future. To take my walks on the weekends and stay motivated. It also gives me hope for the future. I believe goal setting is important for anything you would like to achieve.
Motivation gives you something to look forward to. In this article it says: “That motivation can change from one time to another.” That is so true at first you are really motivated and then if it does not happen fast enough or say you did not lose any weight if that was your goal. It is easy to get discouraged. What if you achieve your goal of getting an apartment and then you do not set any more goals. I believe that motivation and hope go hand in hand. You hope that you may be able to achieve any goal you set. When you achieve your goal you are more motivated to try and set another goal.
I like that they also say in the article: “That looking at a person’s strengths and how one can help them set personal goals.” That helps a person a lot more to achieve your personal goal. I read a lot about people that are dealing with schizophrenia and dealing with this disease on a daily basis can be hard. To set a goal is not something they can deal with every day. I believe they would have to set little goals at first.
I think the article says it best “It may take a lot of hard work and love, but one can still have a really good life.” I believe that is all we can all ask for is to have a good life no matter what problem you may have. To have hope that you will at least achieve that goal.

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