Monday, April 16, 2012

Cognitive Behaviors Justification

Cognitive Behaviorism is called CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy and is a general term for similar therapies which are, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Rational Behavior Therapy, Rational Living Therapy, Cognitive Therapy and Dialectic Behavior Therapy. Most of these therapies are based on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors and can be changed so that we can feel and become better. Specific ideas are taught during therapy; the client’s goals, what they should tolerate, how to think and behave and how to obtain what they want. Clients are not told what to do, they are taught how to achieve what they wish to obtain.
Cognitive therapy helps reduce severity of distress among psychotic patients | Science Codex "Authors from several UK universities (Birmingham, Glasgow, Cambridge, Manchester and UEA), led by the University of Manchester, set out to determine whether cognitive therapy, combined with monitoring, is effective in preventing the development and worsening of psychotic symptoms which can lead to schizophrenia." Risk factors included having intermittent or very mild symptoms suggesting psychosis, or schizophrenia-like personality problems. Although cognitive therapy is not effective in preventing the development of first episode psychosis for those few that transition, it does significantly reduce the severity, frequency and intensity of psychotic symptoms in this help-seeking population. This leads authors to believe that many patients recover naturalistically, or with minimal intervention. The study also found that the effects of the sessions were greater than originally expected, mainly because they provided regular contact for the patients.
Being diagnosed with a schizoaffective disorder with psychosis, I tend to think that I may have missed out on something which is being researched with the clients in the UK. That is the amount of time that is spent by therapist with these clients being researched to circumnavigate the possibilities of the clients slipping further into the abyss of psychosis and possibly becoming schizophrenic. Yet the time I have spent without supervision has been used in thought concerning how to make changes in my own life, especially the emotional aspects, which causes trouble in my thinking and enacting with other peoples concerned. The idea of the use of medications to curb psychotic episodes or even schizophrenic episodes may be necessary for many who have a lack of control of themselves and to those who work in the mental health field, yet the answer for clients of such illness’ who strive to control themselves’ is to begin to think clearly for themselves with guidance and with a clearer understanding than being medicated and therefore construed in their thinking. I personally do not readily accept what I am taking for a medication, due to the many side effects, yet it does help me to control my reactions to what I observe of life so that I can place situations in a perspective where I can tolerate reality, instead of being seen as rebellious and misconstruing of other people’s ideas and emotions.

Written by Donald Sammons
April 14, 2012

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